Part time Sales representative
Part time Sales representative
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    Know well the Steel material ,Know the overseas Sales Channel and have the customers

    ?Communication Skills - Verbal communication and presentation skills utilizing telephone and web technologies. Possesses listening and written communication skills. Can use these skills to accomplish required job tasks. Little support is required to apply these skills effectively.

    ?Channel Awareness - Ability to identify needs of global channel partners to support customers more effectively. Understands the paths to market for Cummins products and communicates to and influences appropriately those within the channel that impact the customer relationship in order to support needs of customers. Suggests the development of policies, training, communication paths and programs to support channel partners to find alignment and achievement of local and global Cummins marketing strategies and organizational goals

    ?Product Knowledge - Knowledge of products/services and product/service lines. Able to represent the features and benefits to sell the products and services. Able to recognize customer needs and suggest product applications to solve problems and create benefits for the customer.

    ?Sales Negotiation - Able to identify negotiating tactics used by customers and how to manage them. Familiar with Customer Market Profitability tools that can be utilized during negotiations. Can recognize the balance of power within a negotiation and has the skills to alter that balance. Drives toward collaborative relationships (i.e. win/win relationships).

    ?Financial Understanding - Ability to understand and act on financial information. Basic understanding of financial statements, terms, and concepts. Ability to analyze data and perform basic calculations such as Gross Margin, NPV, discounting analysis, price elasticity, and breakeven. Able to formulate a business case to support an idea. Familiar with SOx regulations.

    ?Account Planning - Able to identify support needs or service improvement needs of a customer. Can write goal statements that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time based. Able to execute a strategy. Able to identify initiatives that will lead to achieving defined goals. Able to apply measures and track progress toward the goal. Familiar with Customer Market Profitability tools that can be utilized during account planning.

    ?Manage Customer Relationships - Develops rapport, builds trust, and creates value in relationships with customers and channel partners. Identifies decision makers and those influential in the decision process and effectively communicates with them. In managing this relationship, displays core values (e.g. empathy, etc.) and is able to adequately interrogate matter to identify root concerns. Basic understanding of techniques and tools to enhance productivity (i.e. schedules, appointments, call plans, etc). Has a basic understanding of attitudes and behaviors to establish relationships and build trust. Understands the need to and responds with the appropriate time frame to customer needs.

    ?Focus on Customer Needs - Familiar with key Cummins customers. Knowledge would include business strategies, organizational structures, geographic footprints, financial results, internal processes, and primary needs for effective segmentation. Anticipates and takes action to meet customer needs. Continually searches for ways to increase customer satisfaction. Knowledgeable of vital customer information required to make informed business decisions. Able to leverage customer contact to both attain customer specific information and educate the customer to provide a match between Customer needs and Cummins offerings to maximize sales opportunities. Consistently demonstrates ability to establish rapport, meet commitments, and develop effective working relationships with customers.

    Education, Licenses, Certifications
    ?College, university, or equivalent degree in marketing, sales, technical or a related subject or equivalent industry experience required.

    ?Significant level of relevant work experience, including previous customer and/or product experience required.
    ?Purchasing/commercial contract negotiation preferred.

    Key Responsibilities
    ?Manages customers of large complexity relationships through the sales cycle and executes sales plans to achieve revenue and profitability goals within a large sized assigned sales territory and/or high complexity market.
    ?Sells highly complex company products and services by developing new prospects and accounts.
    ?Achieves revenue and margin targets and ensures customer satisfaction through execution of a sales cycle from lead to sale.
    ?Develops very complex relationships to generate customer goodwill and loyalty.
    ?Conducts negotiations according to company guidelines.
    ?Identifies, researches, and contacts prospective customers and builds positive relationships that will generate future sales and repeat business.
    ?Responds to highly complex customer concerns about the company and its products and services.
    ?Oversees very complex projects, programs and business relationships with assigned accounts and/or territory and/or market segment.
    ?Maintains accurate reporting and forecasting through utilization of Cummins tools and processes (i.e. common sales cycle, Customer Relationship —— Management Systems)
    ?Seeks opportunities to utilize Customer Focus Six Sigma and Customer Support Excellence Tools to concurrently grow the business and increase loyalty
    ?Assures good communication and coordination between account management, field sales, upstream influencers, sales management, inside sales and sales analysts (as applicable) to attain the goals of the sales strategy and culture, management of customers, sales talent management and sales operations.
    ?Has the potential to manage sales function personnel excluding field sales and/or account manager positions.
    ?Assists with the collection of receivables from accounts/customers.
    Software skills: AutoCAD, Catia, UG, RobCAD, EM-Planer, EM-Designer, Microstation, MS-Office products
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