Employee Relations Specialist(员工关系专员)
Employee Relations Specialist(员工关系专员)
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  • 人事专员
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  • Primary Responsibilities:
    1. Design, handle and promote plant wide employee communication channels, such as MD reception day\ communication session\intranet\exit interview\employee counseling \1:1 etc to create a transparent and effective communication channels.
    2. Design and implement value promotion activities to promote company value and culture
    3. Lead employee engagement program plant wide to improve employee satisfaction rate
    4. Lead company talent retention program to retain and engage talents
    5. Deal with public relations to build good relationship and cooperation with local government and media to promote tf-AMD image and brand
    6. Deal with discipline and legal issues in company
    7. Build and improve working system to improve functional standardization
    8. Join company initiative or committee to participant company cross functional work
    9. The other tasks assigned by managers

    Job Qualifications:
    1,Bachelor degree or above in business administration, HR management, or related field
    2,Good English in both written and spoken
    3,0~6years’ work experience including 0~3 years’ HR employee relations expertise experience
    4,Good knowledge of PRC labor law
    5. Strong Communication/organization skills
  • 本科
  • 英语 熟练
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  • 电子技术/半导体/集成电路
  • 1000-1999
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