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RadiciGroup is one of the most qualified multinational businesses in the plastics production industry and in the manufacturing of chemical, synthetic fibre and nonwoven products. RadiciGroup produces and supplies polyamide and polyester engineering plastics across the globe thanks to a sales network that covers all continents.

The eight plastics production facilities of RadiciGroup are strategically spread across three continents: Europe, two sites in Italy, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands; Asia, with a site in China; South America, with a site in Brazil; and North America, with sites in the US and Mexico.

Engineering plastics production: with its upstream vertically integrated production, state-of-the-art technology and a global sales network, RadiciGroup is able to better meet its customers’ needs and track the entire process, from manufacturing to quality control, passing through research and technological development support.

RadiciGroup plastics products are used in the automotive, electrical/electronics, household appliance, construction and industrial applications.

RadiciGroup produces a complete range of engineering plastics with varying characteristics to suit the application needs of the automotive, electrical/electronics, construction and industrial sectors.

兰蒂奇集团 – 1921年在意大利成立,迄今为止有近百年的历史,是各种化学中间体、聚酰胺共聚物、工程塑料、合成纤维及无纺布世界领先的制造商之一,生产和销售网络覆盖欧洲、北美、南美和亚洲,其产品被广泛应用于各领域,例如汽车、电气和电子、消费品、服装、家具、建筑、家用电器、体育运动等等。兰蒂奇集团还是包括有纺织机械、能源及酒店业务等较大型工业集团的一部分。

兰蒂奇集团高性能塑料事业部 – 成立于 1981 年,目前在意大利、德国、美国、墨西哥、巴西、中国、印度设有生产工厂,具有全球销售网络,是PA、PBT、TPE和POM的世界知名制造商。

兰蒂奇工程塑料(苏州)有限公司 – 成立于2006年,是兰蒂奇集团在中国的分公司,主要生产和销售PA、PBT、TPE和POM等,销售网点遍布苏州、上海、成都、长沙、天津、广州、深圳。
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